Here are some hidden costs that could save you $1000-$4000 pending the size of your wedding. Hope it helps! On the next article you’ll find solutions and questions to ask to stay ahead the game and in control of your budget.

1.   Photo/Video   Although you may have bought a “package” if you run longer than expected, you may be charged by the hour; Costing you approximately $250 per hour.

2.  DJ’s and Bands   Most vendors have a standard price. If your room is not a “standard” size, then SURPRISE, you get an extra charge.  They may install extra speakers or equipment for better sound quality. Do you blame them? You trust them to do their best and they have a reputation to consider. It could cost you $250-750

3. Invitations & Postage  A) Stationers don’t advertise the shipping costs. B) Oversized, awkwardly shaped and bulky invitations could run you as much as $2 each to mail costing you $100- $500 pending quantity.

4. Cake-Cutting Fee   The cake provided by your venue usually won’t charge you a cake-cutting fee, but ask. You may have your heart set on an outside baker. The venue won’t just cut and serve it for free – costing you $2 to $5 per guest possibly $300-700 pending quantity.

5. Wedding Dress Alterations   Alterations are not disclosed up front and could cost you an extra $100 to $1000.

6. Coat Check   When you book your venue in the warmer months, it’s easy to forget about winter coats. It could cost you: $100-250 pending union rules and guest count

7. Delivery Fees   Vendors usually quote you the per item cost, then they add the delivery charge at the end. It could cost you $75-200

8. Hotels & the Welcome-Bag Delivery fee   When booking a block of rooms, the agent on the phone will not ask you if you are planning on having “welcome” bags for their guests. If the bellhop delivers them after the guests have checked in it could cost: $7 per bag.

9. Taxes   We all know you can’t avoid taxes and they are not really a “hidden” cost, however it’s something we don’t often remember when getting quotes. Costs will vary from State to State.

10. Gratuities:  The service charge is not a tip; it is often how the caterers cover the cost for their staff. It can cost an additional 15%- 20% of the food and drink fee.

Stay tuned for the solutions to avoid these hidden costs so you can STAY ON BUDGET