My wonderful husband of 20 years just encouraged me with what he has noticed when I do events. He has actually assisted me on many of my events and I am so thankful for him. This is what he says someone might get if they sit down with me and perhaps allow me to help.

1. Face to face innovation to realize your dream.
2. Active price navigation to get what you want for the price you can afford.
3. Unlimited phone consults to review, review and review till it’s just right.
4. An advocate on your behalf to all your vendors.
5. Someone who has a kit with needle & thread, Velcro, Pepto Bismal, and a hair dryer.
6. A name to add to the end of “I don’t know, go ask______”
7. A list of vendors within a 20 mile radius of your event.
8. Someone who’ll remember you for when you plan the baby shower or 10th       anniversary.
9. Someone who can get a cup of tea when the nerves kick in.
10. A mother or mother-in-law’s best friend.

In  my own words: I just want to make things “pretty” while saving people stress and money. I sat down with a bride and her mom just yesterday and had a blast going through the details. They felt a sigh of relief after discussing all the details because some things were not previously considered. We accomplished so much. I look forward to see this beautiful day to happen just as they have imagined it! Can’t wait!!